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AFRICA: Ethiopia

Visits: 2,109
Plays: 14
Downloads: 10

I'm in the mood for be what i am,like,need,can:
express the best art in an housemix production.
old name: dj jolimarcabre
other database:

psychedelic bass radio station hosted by me often:

started at 7 years old discofan
ended laughinhg at the wooden paradise dancefloor older than 100 living years.

obsession/mything: girls glance"

freedom is my present

love makes weak, i love all (music,people of my own kind)

never quit the party,called live.

control authority by public slavery mistake.

real name: no concept

part of: liberation

why: cause i can handle it.

shit: nvt using snellevanjelle mee elle van nelle

kills: 2-349

fucks: 3-9


POSTED ON: 04/13/13 15:14:32

i live for fun. i love sun. gz. hardcorehippyharleyfan with odcafe as undergroundmaffia title. future: wilder cheaper louder chiller parties age from 14.
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