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jairo guerrero a.k.a :::B:LIV ::..:

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Graphic designer, producer and Colombian Dj since 2001 and your influences are Fg radio, Fg underground, RadioNova, Industrial, goth, electro, house and of course DEEP HOUSE!!
Average: 128-133 BPM ::.:::
Styles: Funky House Latin House Electro Disco Filter Nu Jazz DeepHouse Progressive

"Dj-s4 Peace" member (FG Francia) DJ movement founded by Carl Cox in2003 ::.::::

He was Dj resident in Miranda Club ::The Pharmacy Club ::Antifona :::.::
And many others colombian night clubs.
April 2003 was warm up Dj in the Moenia's colombian tour ::Television
Tour:: in Bogota. ::.
May 2002 play with Dj Di- Lucca from Slovenia ::.
July 2002 play with DJ Bando from Argentina. ::.
November (2003) he was dj resident in the Meze Club in Washington D.C. ::.
July 2004 play with Mark Doyle Dj founder of London Hed kandi label
2005 Dj resident in the NonSoloBar in Mexico City ::.
in right moment he works like a Creative Director in an advertising agency in Mexico City and produce Planta Baja Podcast show

Check my B side productions

POSTED ON: 02/28/07 04:04:39

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