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Im maggot

Sick Samples

POSTED ON: 04/16/12 11:50:56

Found a wicked sample pack check it out! http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=4892319


POSTED ON: 04/15/12 01:45:12

Good to be back in brissy after a trip down to canberra. Good to see the bass scene is still alive down there. Im such a wreck after a week of drinking and gettin home to sunrise. Thinkin bout chillin out maybe trying my hand at a bit of psytrance. For a mad mind fuck check out my boys logman & pstump. Two veterans of doofing have now startin smashing up stage time at doofs and in clubs. They have enough tracks to do almost complete original sets and each track is better than the last. With thier album launch coming up in the next few weeks they are definately worth checking out. Jump on thier page and chuck em a follow: http://soundcloud.com/logman-n-pstump
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