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Mad Betty - Reggae Dancehall Selecta.
Born in southern Italy, Apulia, she has always been a lover and supporter of Reggae Dancehall Music and Black Culture. Her passion take her around many concerts, festivals and reggae and dancehall nights, that enrich her culture and artistic experience. Moved by love for this music and the message, she start to collect albums and singles of various artists and to collaborate in the organization of events and tours in Italy of national and international artists . Select becomes her first passion, hearing this music as a true mission, spreading and sharing fully what it expresses and going crazy for its rhythm and beat.
The 8th March 2008 she played for the first time officially ... and since then she can’t stop!
Her music and her fire turned in many Dancehall Reggae nights, events, concerts and festivals first in her city and then in all Italy and most recently in the UK, Bristol and London, and in Austria in Vienna.
She played with many national and international artists and sounds like Skarra Mucci, Lampa Dread, Earl Gateshead (Trojan Soundsystem), Etana, Gappy Ranks, General Leavy, High Grade, Rhomanife, Nico Mudu, Hunza, Tizla, Clementine, Rocco Hunt , Bad & Break, KillaCat, Walino, South Love Vibration, SuperBass, Fada Kinky, Sun Sooley, Inoki, Gamba the Lenk & Catchy, Pushman, Villa Ada, Gecky from Heavy Hammer, Jamano, Rankin Lele, Mama Marias, Miss Mikela, Tarantattak, Chiancone, Lu Marra, Zulu 99 Posse, Brusco, Keedo, TushungPeng, Train to Roots and many others ..
At the same time in her city, she has organized many events Dancehall Reggae & Hip Hop at clubs, pubs, community centers, beaches and wherever it was possible to spread!
She currently works for the project "Promotion FemaleFire" with PierPaolo Ingrassia for the European tour of Tiana and Tenza and sheis part of the Trinidad Soundsystem "Problematix Sound ".
Her selections go through the Foundation Roots Reggae to Raggamuffin, Dancehall, Soca, Bash, but also Hip-Hop and African music.
Always ready to love and burn the dance!
More Love! More Fire! More Life!
Souljah for life!!!
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