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Dj Damo has progressed from Bedroom Belt Drive Dj with only a small handful of records to his name to Possessed Radio/Possessed Productions resident mixing on Pioneer CD decks and laptop computer. Damo started mixing 9 years ago from his bedroom on a 2 channel mixer and 2 standard cd players. From there he devoloped a taste for the art of DJ’ing. He soon brought his first turntables in the form of 2nd hand belt drive Soundlab decks. To start withhe didnt have a particuler style of sound and would play anything he could get hold of which had a dance beat over 120bpm (He was poor in those days).

From there he has held spots at the Cockney Pride, Clacton,playing across the board, The White Hart, St Osyth, Playing older records from classic artists and bands and held 2 nights at the light house pub in Clacton-on-sea playing House, Old skool, and urban music.

He was also Funky House resident for a Dance music night that unfortunatly only lasted 2 nights but gained good experience from.

From there he was approached to play for Inspired Records on there 2005 house and trance nights! These were top nights but did not last due to the label deciding to concentrate more on building its own stable of producers rather than putting on club nights.

The Highest profile night he played was also back in 2005 when he was asked by Electro Art/The Gallery to play in the second room. Being co-hosted by The Gallery this was a gig not to be turned down.

By this time it was clear that Damo would concerntrate on playing his true love of Prog/Trance music but found it difficult with limited oppertunites in essex with this style.

He then set about launching Possessed Productions online with his close friend Dj Picto and pumped out a catalouge of mixes that are still downloaded today!

These varied in style from his club style of Trance to his sit back lounge style of Downtempo and Chill. These mixes are available as direct downloads or via torrents and the most successful proved to be The Red Mix which to date has had over 10000 downloads.

This set the trend and many more downloadable mixes followed. This helped to build up his confidence in his mixing ability, with listening back to these mixes to pick out any mistakes so that he could rectify these situations in future mixes

To build up an eye for crowd watching he would also play in normal situation gigs playing 80's and 90's classics. These gigs were always a blast and went a long way in helping him deal with the pressure of playing to a large crowd, even though it was not in a form of dance music style.

From 2009 he has banded together with top local DJ, DJ Focus. With the help of two new start out DJ's (DAB & Brian T) on board possessed they have gone on to host two large scale local house parties, pulling in top local names to play, Hosted successful Internet streaming station Possessed Radio and even put on there first dance event (Summer Shakedown), which was held in the summer of 2009 over 2 arenas. This has brought about a Club residency in Clactons largest night club alongside Legend Rob Wilde and an invite to host arena 2 with his club promotion brand shakedown to sit alongside Hardcore Shenanigans who will be hosting arena 1. This holds the brand in good stead with chart legends Ultrabeat and previous 1997 radio 1 essential mix DJ Force performing in the Hardcore Shenanigans area.

Two more residency's came about in 2010 with The now renamed "Freddie Van Damo" sealing up to 5 nights a week playing over 4 venues in Clacton & Colchester.
With this added work he was able to give up his full time day job to build up a full time career in the DJ industry.

The Year playing at TP's venue in Colchester has helped to develop Van Damo's genre range and he can now blend various genres with ease.

To Follow.

Club Nights

* Last UK Dance @ Cockney Pride in Clacton
* Inspired Nights @ The Wave Crest (2 nights Funky set + Peak Trance)
* Electroart/The Gallery @ Distinction in Ipswich
* Electroart @ Club Forin in Colchester
* Fruit Salad @ Rumors in Clacton (2 nights, Funky House Resi)
* Shakedown @ Parade (Promoter and Peak Trance Set)
* Vice Versa (Resi DJ 2009 - 2010)
* TP's/Colchester Essex (Resi DJ 2010 - Present)
* Tom Peppers/Clacton-on-Sea Essex (Resi DJ 2010 - Present
* Club Wahoo/Clacton-on-Sea Essex (Resi DJ 2010 - Present)
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