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DJarle is a upcoming DJ from Kristiansand, south in Norway. He is born 04.02.1985, and became interested in music already at the age of fourteen. At the age of fifteen he and his friend Mats started Norways biggest dance, concert and disco event for teens under eighteen (Expertfestivalen). Today, the festival gathers 4000 teens every year at Gimlehallen in Kristiansand. DJarle has played at Expertfestivalen since the beginning,

When he started his study as a civil engineer in 2005, his interests for become a DJ escalated. By playing at the local clubs he started improving his skills. In 2008 DJarle also started his own radioshow named «Digital Sound FM» at the studentradio of Grimstad. In 2009 he also had two of his mix setts played at Lt Wee Show at NRK MP3. Today DJarle reguarly sends his setts to CUE Radio where you can tune in to listen.

His favorite styles are progressive, electro and vocal house, but he also loves to play progressive, uplifting and vocal trance. One of DJarle’s biggest inspirations has always been Hed Kandi.

Today DJarle is working as a civil engineer at Trainee Sør, and using all the rest of his time producing music, playing at clubs, and making Sørfestivalen one of Norways coolest happenings for teens.

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