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DJ Margrave is a 15 year veteran from Detroit who has played in clubs as well as run a successful mobile DJ business. He relocated to the UK in September 2010, and his goal is to bring the best of the US to the UK.

His goals are as follows:
1. To penetrate the UK market with new music from artists looking to build their international presence
2. To develop a following by using a unique blend of Hip-Hop, R&B, House, Funk, Soul, Rock and Jazz music.
3. To create an interactive web presence where fans can suggest songs for the weekly mix, as well as have discussions on past and current music
4. To expand the knowledge and reach of traditional Detroit dances (Hustle, Detroit Ballroom, Bop) by offering classes

Expec big things in the future from DJ Margave

FIrst Blog Entry

POSTED ON: 11/10/10 06:12:33

Hey world, this is DJ Margrave checking in. I'm so excited to finally create a web presence, expect the first mixes to be posted later this week.
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