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AMERICA NORTH: USA: North Carolina (NC)

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POSTED ON: 02/09/10 10:53:07

Grendel began his journey into music at a very early age. He owes much of his musical talent and experiences to his parents who introduced him to various styles and instruments while growing up. At the age of 6yrs he was introduced to classical violin and began taking lessons in his hometown. A few years later he began playing the guitar and recording and producing music.Having a love for skateboarding and surfing led him to find underground styles of music. Heavy grinding guitars mixed with fast percussion. Chilled out beats with lots of bass.These styles seemed to satisfy Grendels taste for agressive music for quite some time but still was lacking something... ENTER DRUM N'BASS... Was now the late 1990's and Grendel discovered the Rave Scene. The first few parties didnt really interest Grendel other than for the "party" itself the music was too happy,lots of kids on drugs and overalll too much drama. It wasnt until a late night after party somewhere in Charlotte NC that a strange distinct snare drum was heard in the darkness.It was dark agressive had nasty deep bass and was just what he was looking for.. Through the years Grendel has moved up in the ranks as a local DJ and Regional performer. Apart from founding Back2Wax and hosting a Radio Show on ,Grendel now currently has been signed to TDM Recs UK under the production name DECOMP. He also holds affiliations with DD Promotions.UK and
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