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The illustrious rave career of Schwag began in 2004 at motion notion
as the years passed his dance moves and love for the music grew and got much better , however after embracing the scene for so long he knew it was time to leave a mark in the scene and promote positivity ,
after being deemed Neonardo and an internet tift with another local dj , Schwag created the Neon Army (for more info check out the group NEON ARMY)
and a few months later he began djing
As the steam built up and the djing carried momentum schwag got the chance to spin alongside some big name talent, artists and djs such as quadra , organix and trevor moontribe , and in mid 2008 his journey went full circle as he got the chance to rock the party that popped his rave cherry . In 2009 the winnipeg scene welcomed Schwag for the event Pot O' Gold , his first out of province gig. Some Big Future gigs Infected Mushroom, july 25th i'll be closing the stage after infected is done screwing everyones ear pussies , And Astral Harvest , featuring Commercial Hippies!
Fall 08 and early 09 also holds some releases from schwag as the djing is also becoming production teaming up with Jacob Straszynski to form "Dank Business" this combo is sure not to dissapoint , expect some material in the near future !
Recent House tracks co produced with Ohms under the alias "Double Mint"
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