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adjectives, pronouns, metaphors and verbs about me

ragga fucking jungle
underground hip hop
drum and bass
dubwise styles
glitch hop
single father of a 6 year old boy
malt liquor
cut of dickies and a black hoody
visible minority
tech 12 mk2
numark mixer
ortofon needlez
basically a bad motherfucker

friends ?

POSTED ON: 05/29/09 23:32:42

how do you add people to network here ? me a noob and i will tie you to a tree and let candy ravers put sparkles all over you while they blow whistles listening to happy hardcore and ask you if you want to smell vicks vapour rub.

kreative koncepts

POSTED ON: 05/29/09 22:40:07 skillz with a nikon D80, case of beer and a phat jump up mixtape comments welcome BOH !
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