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I am a Second Life DJ, learning to mix her own tracks very soon. I have competed and won a pretty rad DJ battle and can honestly say that after a year and a half of doing this DJ thing inworld, I've only come to love it more than just about anything...except the music itself. It's fun, folks make it awesome and I love filling requests. I tend to flub quite a bit on mike, but it's all about the lawls.

So stay tuned for a tourettes-like outburst...or fart jokes coming to a SL club near you!! :P

Current Schedule:

Sixx Pack: Sunday 8-10am PDT
Hestia's Hangout: Sunday 1-3pm PDT
Elements Club: Monday 4-6pm PDT
Club Taboo: Wednesday 4-6pm PDT
Mystiques: Saturday 10a-12p PDT
Sixxth Sense: Saturday 4-6pm PDT

I am also the house DJ for ::CMC:: Designs and a DJ for hire inworld. IM for rates! Peace :D
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