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Over the last decade the disc jockey john walker aka "turn@round" has definitely enjoyed his existence in the underground world of dance music. Not long after learning the basics (w/ a lil help from a few close pals) this southern boy was rocking crowds from various residencies* around his home in Texas to crazy five day party binges in South America.

In 2004 Mr. Walker shifted gears and released his first EP on Fair Park Records. The record was a smash hit around the globe, receiving positive press, such as XLR8R referring to his work as a "hot spot" in north america for minimalism. 2005 started off with a bang with a second release that that caused a bit of a buzz at WMC. The year continued along well having his original music and remixes featured in a TV and DVD production for WGN.

He currently resides in Dallas and is embarking on his 3rd year as the North Texas Rep for the Red Bull Music Academy while currently working on new material for 2007 release dates.

*former residencies include:
Saturday Night resident and booking agent for "SELECT" Saturdays at Dallas' Ruby Room(Red Jacket)
Friday Night resident for Dallas' MINC Lounge
Tuesday Night resident and founder of "BUMP Tuesdays" @ Dallas' Orchid Bar
Saturday Night resident for Dallas' Club One
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