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Despite a varied lifestory, Del has always remained true to the spirit and vibes of the underground

Del is a strange individual and is well known for his wind ups. “ Speak to Circle of Funk” they know all about me. That’s where the quirkyness creeps into the music… There is so much out there. My tradition is really hip hop. My style of Dj‘ing again is about the main part of the track. The bit that matters… give me two copies and I will butcher it up, but no bone or fat, just the meat, - he remembers this quote from one of HOTMIX 5.... I’ll even trick you into thinking that something that was written 15 years ago but it was just released on itunes last week. Im into throwing the mix off in another direction, but it works. My main influences are people like Mr Tony Humphries, Paul Trouble Anderson, Farley, these guys could make you dance with whatever they play, I cant talk about Levan because i didnt have any of his radio shows (he didnt play on the radio) and I wasnt around when he was spinning...its as simple as that...

Del injects his non snobbery free spirit into his mixes. “if a record don’t sound right I will find the bit that does, I will play it for maybe 30 seconds and double it up hip hop style, cutting back and forth… people complain that I tease” “its not that I tease, it might be that for a 30 seconds part that’s where the main ident of the track is, the rest might work better somewhere else on a different day or even week or even in adifferent life !!!” “Im gonna try and povoke you into thinking” “what the fuck was that !” “was that old or something new” sometimes I just play the drum solo at the start,,, keep it going for 2 minutes, you might think its somthing minimal them BAM! in comes the vocal... I might play some obscure acid then an old disco track, then in comes some visage, Early Chicago, or Mininal Techno, but I got two copys going so I will always try and do a 'live' butcher edit.

Having grown up in 80’s listening to sound systems, electro, early house, effects etc are always part of his set. I always loved the Tony Humphries Echo's they were "awesome" I love all teh radio stuff, Hip Hop, Dance... It was somthing really special, i can remember resighting all the mistakes, drops mixes because i would study tapes...I was so into it! Those tapes back in the day created a mad kind of excitement - they were the promo's of my generation...
He keeps talking like theres no tomorrow Del takes us into a dimension of seemingly endless travel... Listen to this while your work, in the shop, with the other half, in the background, or on a come down. If your a shop, a store or some public outlet... send me a message and i will get a mix out to play in your place or space...YOU MIGHT BE SUPRISED !!! PEACEN LUV - del the butcher !
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