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New Mix Eclipse

POSTED ON: 07/28/10 12:13:43

Released a new mix to help showcase some of the new essential tunez.

New DJ Mix

POSTED ON: 10/31/09 20:13:16

Check out my new Wicked Halloween Mix.

DJ Bushmaster's Set on G-Spot's KTUH Underground Radio Show

POSTED ON: 10/10/09 03:51:51

Uploading the set I played on KTUH this Friday. Be sure to check out for other Oospot events!

New Mix... Bushmaster's Friday Mix

POSTED ON: 10/02/09 16:57:38

Just popped out a new one today. Check it out under the "Mixes" tab. The mixes don't stay posted for more than a week or two, so download them while they're still available if you like them.

Pre Radio Show Mix

POSTED ON: 09/25/09 20:37:40

I've got some great new tracks I've acquired in this one. It looks like this will be my radio show mix this evening.
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