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music lover from teleman to techno, early electro fan kraftwerk etc...

reasons to listen

POSTED ON: 12/16/09 05:27:22

just past one of my first I'm entiteld to some good music

back on track!

POSTED ON: 12/14/09 10:22:48

been busy, goin' back to skool, yeah....but logged back on one of the best music sited....I'm listening to Kadence again, his mixes never bore me, there's always sometin' new I discover

electronic sounds from inner space

POSTED ON: 06/14/09 13:31:03

this is a new mix I'm listening to(nekosonic), and surprisinly it's lifting me again...strange what a good string of sounds can do to you up to now I haven't felt let down by any ofthe mixes I chose to download... whenever I'm reading some pages on the net or some articles of interest I'll go to my playlist and pick a mix... minimal electro and deep house is my definite buzz...but al lot of others alse take my fancy... KADENCE BAUXEITER is one of my favourites his sounds and moods are closest to my inner space
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