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ASIA: Malaysia

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DJ Niza Minx (Malaysia)
Niza Minx began her love affair with house music after graduating from university in Malaysia in 2002, and began her career in DJ’ing under the stewardship of Lushhouse’s own DJ Rob Nutek whilst working at The Loft and Cynna in 2006. This led to her being given her first residency at Centro club in KL in 2008, and from there she has gone on to spin at Ruums and twentyone kitchen + bar where she has been able to further develop her own sound and style. Niza has also played at Babelicious Series Part 2 at Luna, in Kuching and overseas in Bali Indonesia where she played for the Summer-Break 2008 (Maxim) party and at Déjà vu as a guest DJ representing Malaysia. Although she is still learning her trade, this unassuming yet personable young lady has an extremely good ear for a tune, and is able to shift the mood quickly and effectively in her set blending various different styles of house to create a pleasing effect for the crowd that matches this young lady’s ever present smile.

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POSTED ON: 04/15/13 11:09:47


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