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EUROPE: United Kingdom

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DJ Iron Nox first got into music listening to his father play his sound- system in dance halls and at house parties as a young boy.
Iron Nox always wanted to build his own sound system so he bought a pair of soundlab decks and mixer. He joined up with his Brother-In-Law who had a 600watt amp and a few speakers. They started to play at house parties playing Ragga, RnB and Hip Hop.

In 1990/91, Iron Nox started listening to pirate stations such as Phantasy, Friends and Pulse fm, which were playing Techno and Hardcore music. Iron Nox became interested in the music and the whole vibe of the rave scene and started collecting Acid House, Techno and Hardcore. He began to buy his records from Quoff Records and Blackmarket in Soho.

DJ Iron Nox started rebuilding his sound system and called it Equinox, buying a pair of 1210's, Peavey Eq, and a 3k system. He played at house parties and clubs in his local area & continued to play Hardcore up until Jungle/ Drum n Bass.

In 2005 Iron Nox entered the Liquidfunk DJ Competition where he came second place and in 2006 with over a thousand votes he came first place.

He was featured in the June 2006 issue of DJ Mag for his mix called "Iron Nox At Work."

He has also put on small events called Trip to the Oldskool where djs from his sound system played Oldskool House, Techno, Hardcore, and Drum n Bass. He plays all styles of Jungle Dnb from liquid to jumpup.


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POSTED ON: 03/25/09 07:54:03

01. New York Stories ( Feat Nusense) - NC 17 02. Overload - Phobia and Jubie and Overload 03. Boogie down - Craggz & Parallel Forces 04. 128 Miles - The Insiders and Soul Intent 05. Heavier than heaven - Mosus 06. Shaku - Lynx 07. Uprising - Artificial Intelligence 08. Sensation - Human Factor 09. Can u Feel It - Drumsound & Bassline Smith 10. Massacre - DJ Pleasure 11. Sleep In Ya Eyes - Heist 12. King Of Miami - Jaydan 13. Call In Sick - Iron Hands 14. The Game - Zodiac 15. Against All Odds (Xample Rmx) - Chase & Status 16. This Sound - Cabbie 17. Flashpoint - Die 18. The Sword - Cabbie 19. Contra (Feat Lomax) - Xample 20. Scarecrow - Sub Focus 21. Rocket Launcher VIP - Sonic & Silver 22. Souljah - Mars 23. Buffalo Soldier - Child Support Feat Stevie Hyper D >>> Pass The Dutchie Riddim
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