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Edging towards 20 years DJ'ing experience to every possible crowd and event imaginable, be it raves in the early 90's, discos, nightclubs, parties, cellars, squats, weddings, and even funerals! Major has a knack of knowing what to play and when to play it, from his vast knowledge of music now spanning a century as we come into 2014, in which he is constantly re:inventing his sound to stay fresh and alive in the crazy world of clubbing'!!!
"I Love to mix harmonically and make flawless combinations of seamless music that appeals to everyone, not holding back on genres or attitudes - not being afraid of dropping a classic or an underground monster wherever I play to make the people go mental" MLB.
His amazing history has taken MLB around the world with his DJ'ing skills to multitudes of audiences in various countries and works professionally as a DJ in all dancing environments from private mobile/weddings, corporate events to clubs and cruise ships. Playing intelligent and non cheesy music that's freshly original that appeals to all ages which is more than your usual party jock!
Major is also a EDM specialist in House (funky/soulful/bigroom/classic), Breakbeat and Electro and also has a love of mixing Old Skool and D'n'B. And recently incorporating all the latest styles inc Dubstep, Moombahton, Ghetto/Neuro Funk and Glitch Hop.

Career History....
At 13, Major was making mix videos from MTV!
Starting back in the mid 90's with a passion for Jungle, D'n'B and Breakbeat Major started to play free parties, underground events and raves to crowds of hundreds of blissed up night birds till dawn. First gig was at Dodo's Dancehall at 17 years and was hooked from then!
This journey lead to the discovery of house and the love affair will never end. A long time resident of Ponana in Portsmouth opportunities arose with warming up for some of his favourite DJ's and Producers, the likes of Jon Carter (Monkey Mafia), Krafty Kuts & Norman Jay MBE to name a few.
Gaining more experience on Pirate Radio stations and internet radio station to current times with with the show 'Blunted Broadcasts' which is now a monthly show on RAGE FM - 100.6FM // and also featured on Flight Radio Bristol and many other 'Bass' stations over the web.

DJ Major Lee has also spun on the water waves on some of the most prestigious cruise ships including the Queen Elizabeth 2 and the Ocean Village.

With an ability to play nearly every style of music and when to play it has made Major very successful in local clubs and bars where the music is key to the nightlife.

Playing international gigs such as Germany, France, Slovenia, Holland, Switzerland, Austria and annual tours of Les Alps, in various locations and venues. Major has played in so many varied places from a night on a disused military fort in the middle of the sea to the formal Christmas Ball at Cardiff National Museum!!

Currently contributing with the Non Genre Specific Crew, taking booking for Festivals and plenty of new projects planned for the next 5 years to help change the music scene for the better in the this space!!

Nightforce Agency Comments...
"Major Lee Blunt just has that natural ability to read a crowd whatever the event may be, spin the records that get dance floors full and raise the roof! The experience and professionalism just shines when he is gracing venues and events."


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Australia 2015

POSTED ON: 12/16/14 07:26:28

coming soon to down under in 2015

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