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I started spinning about 4 - 5 years ago now on a dj program. I developed my style from there learning the basic aspects of mixing, Such as timing, Fading etc....
About 12 months into it i went ahead and got some direct drive decks to practice scratching on, After that i was hooked. I ain't been doing anything professionally as such. Mostly just bedroom DJ'ing and mixing for friends and parties.

After about 3 years mixing... I decided to go one step further and delve into the world of producing. And i have been learning new tricks and styles everyday since. Since doing this i find myself listening to a lot more diverse music spectrum for more inspiration in my upcoming tracks.
I will upload some tracks of mine as soon as i get time. hope you like the mixes, And please comment on what you think :)

New Mixes Coming Soon, Produced Music

POSTED ON: 08/12/08 08:07:42

Ok I know this is all about mixes and full length sets, But i also produce a lot of music too, So i might stick a few of my own tracks up to see what people think of them :). Hope you guys are mad on hardcore. It's all about the mental ravers, Uplifting melodies and huge epic breakdowns that keeps me hooked. Enjoy people!

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