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Born in MONTREAL. DJ since 1974. He was the 'ORIGINAL' back then. It was FUNK and DISCO... In the mid 70's, A DJ had to play the entire night by himself. 6 to 10 hours set, required some outstanding programming skills ! Today, it's alot easier when you only have to bring a record bag to play for an hour or two ! BENNY BERGERON decided to buy his first pair of belt drive turntables (KENWOOD KD-2055) when he was 12, because he was really annoyed when it was time to celebrate Christmas or any event. Everybody had to wait almost 5 minutes between records. The DJ was always, either too drunk or way to slow to pick the next one !.............. '' WHEN I STARTED, THERE WAS NO PITCH CONTROL... I HAD TO USE MY FINGER TO SPIN THE RECORD FASTER OR HOLD THE WHEEL, TO SLOW IT DOWN. NO MIXER YET... I WAS USING ' Y ' RCA ADAPTERS TO HOOK UP THE TURNTABLES TO MY AMP, SO WHEN THE FIRST RECORD WAS ALMOST OVER, I WOULD DROP THE NEEDLE ON THE SECOND ONE AND MIX IT......................... '' His first real gig was at a roller skating rink in MONTREAL called the PALADIUM. Between weddings, he also spun at BLOCK PARTY's, sometimes for a whole holiday week-end marathon event ! In 1976, PANASONIC came out with a direct drive turntable, the TECHNICS SL-1100. It was perfect to play DISCO because those records were recorded by real bands and most of the time, the drummer would get tired and lose his tempo ! A wider and higher wheel was important when you needed to place your finger to adjust the speed. It was a dream come true for him, he bought a pair and was now controlling the speed to mix them together ! That same year, he also bought his first mixer, a RODEC 500 from Germany. At the age of 17, he was already producing his own Mega-Mixes also called '' Montage '' on a Reel To Reel (REVOX) and won several contests. 2nd PLACE, then 1st PLACE for the radio station '' CKMF 94.3 ''. He also won 'Best Club DJ' 2 years in a row, for MONTREAL's DJ Challenge hosted by Larry Day (STUDIO 55). It was a live performance from a different nightclub every week. From 1980 - 1986, SIMONO played @ LE PRIVILEGE - LE MARIE VICTORIN - LE FLIRT - L'ENJEU - SHAKESPEARE....................................................... In 1987, he was the first DJ to introduce '' CHICAGO HOUSE '' in MONTREAL and @ Club PAT GINE in LAVAL. The scene was just starting, he sold everything and decided it was time to move to the UNITED STATES. His first stop was DAYTONA BEACH. His first club was the '' BEACHCOMBERS ''. He also played a couple of nights @ RAZZLE's, 701 SOUTH and THE OCEAN CLUB during ' SPRING BREAK '. After playing 2 years @ CLUB CEASAR & SHOOTERS in PROVIDENCE and BOSTON, he moved to SoBe, MIAMI. He played small venues at first, before he started to spin at the legendary CLUB AMNESIA on COLLINS Ave. The 'Patron' of the club also owned '' IN EXTREMIX '' in SARASOTA FLORIDA and he started to shared the decks with the world's best DJ's on thursday night (DV8). He moved and stayed in SARASOTA until 2005. He was a definite leader and mentor for many new DJ's like: SHARAZ - KID KRONIK - SPLIZZIFF - STR8 ................... He also played @ 600 NORTH - ROXY - FLAVOUR - PLATFORMS - THE GARAGE - CHROME - ANTHONY's AFTER DARK - GILLIGAN's - MAGGIE's - ENVY - BLU 1266 - THE UNDERGROUND - MINXX ... He just recently decided to move back up north around NEW YORK City and will be running his own RECORD LABEL MOODSWING. PAST EVENTS: LIQUID (Miami) - DV8 - REBIRTH - LIQUID (Sarasota) - FACTORY - CHROME (Tampa) RED LITE (Montreal)
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