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AMERICA NORTH: USA: Pennsylvania (PA)

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Right here!!!
Your official Studio206 endorsed site for Phil Mac and Sneaky G
Mixing Electronic Dance and Body Music covering various years
using genres from Mainstream to Hardstyle and almost everything in between.
You'll hear select mixes the fans requested from past shows.

Who are we?
Phil Mac:
Phil Mac is a 30+ yr seasoned DJ and 10+ yr EDM/EBM producer that brings nothing but love of the music and the fans. Action speaks louder then words and Phil Mac lets the rest be unspoken. Belonging to Studio206, MXM Productions, and United States Trance Movement that showcase and handle his music career, Phil Mac has held 2 residencies in the Philadelphia, Pa USA area and played at the now closed Tru Night Club in Atlantic City, Nj USA, also presently does guest live performances. Phil Mac enjoys a syndicated internet radio show career with a 2 weekly shows named Pollution Radio and Core Curriculum. Phil Mac's shows features a Club/Rave type format with EDM and EBM genres from Top 40 to Trance to Hardstyle and everything in between on any given show. The shows also contain EDM/EBM tracks of today's and yesteryear's sounds with original Studio206 produced music . Phil also enjoys most working side by side with his wife Sneaky G letting the music flow out. Hope you enjoy the effort put forth with you the listener in the utmost front of each set's design!
All Of Phil Mac's Contact and Performance Information and Free Play and Download of his Mix Shows are available at:

Sneaky G:
SneakyG is a 4+ yr beginning DJ and 10+ yr producer of EDM/EBM music. Sneaky has always let music have a special spot in her life and embraces it all. She finds that Funk and Disco moves her the most. Being in the scene and married to Phil Mac, lead her to stepping into the dj end while always producing music by Phil's side. A member of Studio206, Sneaky G also hosts a radio show named "Funk it" where she spins everything in the Funk related genres. Fans and friends have dubbed her "The Funk Queen". In addition Sneaky G owns a graphic label called "SympliSelected". Sneaky G uses her talent in graphic design to make many different items that can be made.
Sneaky G's djing is on a limited basis and she hopes to do more in the near future.

Thanks for all the support and enjoy the music
Please feel free at all times to contact Us here:

Phil Mac-


Stations we Broadcast live Shows on:

Phil Mac - Pollution Radio -Check for fri 9pm or 10pm EST (Sat 2am or 3am +0 GMT Sat)
Boost is our official home station for Pollution Radio.

Phil Mac - Core Curriculum
Is the resident show for Party 103. Heard every Saturday of the month, this mix comes on at 11am EST(4pm, +0 GMT) This show is an exploration into the core sounds of specific EDM/EBM genres by using the sub genres all in one set. Each show will address one genre and feature the many possibilities it can sound like.
Exclusively Heard on

Sneaky G-Funk It
Impromptu. Showtime and Station will be posted in advance

Select mixes are posted first on Phil Mac's number 1 endorsed site right here at at the link below.

Other sites that you will find Phil Mac's and other Studio206 endorsed mixes are:


*(Used on a limited basis)

Check Phil's Facebook pages for additional guest shows on other stations(

Stations we support: *(Endorsed and Home of Pollution Radio) *(Endorsed and Home of Core Curriculum) (DJ Divo Show) *(Endorsed and Preferred)

DI.FM - (Hyper Reality Radio Show) *(Preferred and Endorsed) *(preferred)


Thanks to:
United Stated Trance Movement at


for their endorsement of Studio206, Phil Mac and Sneaky G
And All the Trance movements that Endorse Phil Mac and Sneaky G

Thanks to DJ Divo of Zero Fm
Dj Divo-

Thanks to Hyper Reality Records

Thanks to MXM Productions @
for thier affiliation to Phil Mac and Sneaky G

Check out the other studio206 members on
Studio206 uk - Jenny Wren -

Studio206 uk - Colin Newbery aka Twync -

01-2019 Finally Streamlined

POSTED ON: 01/14/19 23:58:31

First I want to thank all of you the fans and supporters. You been asking for the mixes after they been aired. I fixed the issues now being Studio206 USA is slimmed down to Sneaky G and myself. Therefore I had and have to schedule my time to keep up with all the demand. So I gave the studio a fresh start for 2019 with needed new apps and pc upgrades. I chosen the most requested mixes to date so if you want one you don't see please ask and I can direct copy you a copy. We are moving forward from here. This batch of mixes has 2 specials in it. First is Dec 1 2018 with Sneaky G doing a 2 for 1 deal. Then Nov 24, 2018 is a selected promotional trance mix direct from the labels. You need to check out the mixes for more info. So now hopefully we are settled in at Studio206 USA to keep it all fresh. We look forward to another year of support from all of you and thank you so much -Phil Mac
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