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Inspired by old-school legends like Glenn Friscia, Scott Blackwell and Jellybean Benitez, Laz Torres began his DJing career in modest fashion, experimenting with his own mixes by using portable radios and an old stereo tape deck.

Mix shows broadcasted on HOT 103, now known as HOT 97 in New York City, piqued his interest in DJing as a teenager, and he purchased professional gear shortly thereafter. He embarked on a professional career that would land him on AOL Radio in 2005, in the company of superstar DJs Armand Van Helden, Christopher Lawrence and John Digweed.

Torres, a native of Spain and current resident of New Jersey, developed a love of music and the DJ culture as a youngster, when he spent hours listening to disco, rap and R&B genres, along with his most significant musical influence, the legendary Barry White.

Torres specializes in electronica, house, progressive and techno and spins vinyl, CD and mp3.


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EDM podcast

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