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DJ Sioux first had the idea she wanted to become a DJ when she was raving in the Dialectric Club in Leicester in the early 90's, where she would dance by the DJ booth watching her favorite DJ’s and she thought to herself " I want to do what they are doing and mix my favorite tunes together" so she invested in a brand spanking new pair of 1210's and developed a serious vinyl addiction and she has been mixing various music genres since the early 90's, from trance, techno, hard house, funky disco remixes and nowadays breaks and electro with a flava of all the earlier old skool genres, she's still a raver at heart.

Sioux has been involved in promoting and playing @ various nights in Swansea and South Wales, in many of the local clubs, bars, outdoor events and gatherings.

DJ Sioux is also the other half of the BeatBreakerz crew, who transform clubs and events with décor, lighting an visual projections, throwing special party events in and around South Wales and Summer Gatherings.

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