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Simon's musical lineage stretches back to the late 80's as founder member of electro noise terrorists Twelve 88 Cartel (Bite Back!) and later bass player with John Peel Session faves the Psylons (Thunderbird).

By 1996 Simon was DJ'ing regularly at techno clubs like Geushky, Vurt and Defcon 1 as well performing live with Seatman Separator who have released 4 albums to date. He has also collaborated with Surefoot on their acclaimed "Rucksack EP" released on Brenda Russell and Colin Faver's On Test label which has appeared in the record boxes of such diverse DJ's as Dietrich Schoeneman, Joel Mull and Carl Cox.

Simon has also done a number of remixes for Bonemachine (Hackpen) including a co-remix with the legendary Sigue Sigue Sputnik. 2006 saw the release of Sublimate EP on Techment Records and a version of Udy's tech-rumbler Trundlewheel is out now on Mixtape Recordings. A new downtempo album is out now on In Deep Recordings and is available from Juno Download. Simon has also been active as a promoter and resident DJ for the Downtown, Phase 2 and Binary Nation nights in Portsmouth and has played alongside Alex Paterson, Billy Nasty, Darren Price, Umek, Aubrey, Luke Slater, Terry Mitchell, Colin Dale, Ian Void, Chris Finke, Mark Ambrose and the Liberator DJs amongst many others.


Triple Sub (SBH) 1998
Assuming (track on Rucksack EP) (On Test) 2001
Codex Recordings 1991-93 retrospective double album (SBH) 2002
Binary Nation compilation album – two tracks (BN) 2003
Lux 2.1 – track on UYN compilation album (UYN) 2004
Particle - track on Under Your Nose Vol 2 compilation (UYN) 2004
Permanent Way – album (Hackpen) 2005
Cubular Theme - track on UYN compilation album (UYN) 2006
Sublimate EP (Electramento) 2006
Thurmond (track on Backlash Magazine sampler) (Backlash) 2006
Someday All This Is Gonna End – live mix album (SBH) 2006
CWC Haunting (track on Hackpen Records sampler) (Hackpen) 2007
Fear of Logic – live mix album (SBH) 2007
Reconsequences – album (In Deep) 2007
Theory of Nothing - live mix album (SBH) 2007
Trundlewheel EP(with Udy) - (Mixtape Recordings) 2007
Just Because You're Losing live mix album 2008
Venom and Eternity - album (Dust Up) 2010
Schrage Musik - album (Limbic) 2011

Hold Me – from the album Vent BONEMACHINE (Hackpen)2004
Inner City Remixed – remixes of tracks by Jason Swales, Qhixldekz Raiden and DSL VARIOUS (Electramento) 2004
Another Day Over – co remix with Sigue Sigue Sputnik BONEMACHINE (Shifty Disco) 2004
Techment Records sampler - contains numerous Simon Heartfield and Seatman Separator remixes VARIOUS (Techment) 2004
Clutching at Straws EP TRUST NO ONE (TNO) 2005
Rehacer Episode One: Rework bootlegs SURGEON/ROBERT HOOD/ LUKE SLATER (UYN) 2006
Rehacer Episode Two: Rework bootlegs JEFF MILLS/SUBURBAN/ KNIGHT/JOEY BELTRAM(UYN) 2006
Rolling Dog Remixes - ROLLING DOG ( 2006
Pi - VORTECHTRAL (In Deep Recordings) 2007
Broken Router - BUJUBEN (In Deep) 2008

Blue Sun - track on "Against The Tide" compilation tape (Bite Back) 1986
We Encourage Resistance – album (Bite Back) 1986
Sweating Furore EP (Bite Back) 1987
Kickback - track on "Make Ready For Revelation" compilation album (Bite Back) 1988
Method - track on Saw Yourself In Half compilation album (Raquel) 1988
Hook track on "Fur Is For Animals" compilation album (Lynx) 1989
Maxim - 6 track mini album (Bite Back)1989
Blue Sun 90 - track on Umbrella compilation album (Umbrella) 1990
This Septic Isle - track on "Lie To Me" compilation album (Umbrella)1990
Evidence - 6 track video mini album (Bite Back)1990
Tension Crush EP (Bite Back) 1991

Emperor of Songs (remix) track on "Audio Postcards" compilation (Mass Prods) 1993
Gimp - album (Thunderbird)1994

Mercury Trax EP (SBH) 2000
The Music of…. - album (SBH) 2001
Lisbon Sisters - track on "Made in Portsmouth Vol"3 (Where’s My Hair) 2001
Basic Electronic Principles - album (SBH) 2001
Auto Suggestion – album (SBH) 2003
Mercury Trax Vol2 EP (SBH) 2004
Navgation – album (SBH) 2005
Ten Minutes After The End Of Gravity - album (SBH) 2006
Mercury Tax Volume 4 EP (SBH) 2009

Surge(SEATMAN SEPARATOR) - remix by JUSTIN JACKMAN (Techment) 2004
Nadam (SEATMAN SEPARATOR) - remix by DSL (Techment) 2004
Trundlewheel - remix by JEROME BAKER (Mixtape Recordings 2007
Trundlewheel - remix by GUS BROWN (Mixtape Recordings)

Someday This Is All Gonna End 2006
Fear Of Logic 2007
unNatural Science 2008
Just Because Your Losing 2008

A Practical Guide To Conducting (Bleep 43 Radio) 2007
Long After We're Gone 2008

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