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Ilya Eсho, the present name Ilya Ryabov was born on August, 2nd, 1983 in Ivanovo.
Its hobby for music has begun with listening VINYL Michael Jackson, as well as at many people of that time. The love to music and dances has resulted it in 1998 in Club " CREW " where it has begun career of the dancer. Having worked the dancer, during four years has understood, that music for it not only movement, and a condition its showers. In 2002 it starts to master dj-elements. In the end 2003 becomes resident Dj cafe "NAUTILUS" where passes a number of successful parties "MUSICINPOSITIVE". In 2004 has based Community " The Crew " on the basis of which were organized series of parties together with lable "Atmosphere": " Атмо-round "," Chill Out Party " which have made the big contribution to development of club culture of city Ivanovo. In the autumn 2005 becomes resident Dj cafe " Dimmy station " where it starts series of parties " V.I.P. PreeParty ", that enables many people to receive a positive spirit on forthcoming action. The numerous visitor of radio of the program "Futuresound" of Ivanovo.
In April 2006 has moved to Moscow. On exit actions Boguslavsky, JURA, POPоff, Alexey Croog, Dmitry Bobrov played with Eugen, Bart van Wissen (Holland), March. The visitor of program VOLODYA FONAR "ZNAKI" on DI.FM(MOSCOW).Rezident lable "quadrohouse"
At present is the participant of the project "CERERA"(CERES-also designated 1 Ceres (see minor planet names), is the smallest dwarf planet in the Solar System and the only one discovered in the main asteroid belt. Its name is derived from the Roman goddess Ceres — the goddess of growing plants, the harvest, and of motherly love. It was discovered on January 1, 1801, by Giuseppe Piazzi. With a diameter of about 950 km, Ceres is by far the largest and most massive body in the asteroid belt, and contains approximately a third of the belt's total mass. Recent observations have revealed that it is spherical, unlike the irregular shapes of smaller bodies with less gravity.). The project works in direction Progressive Trance. The first works (compositions) will be soon presented. Participants of the project: Ilya Ryabov and Alexander Romanov.

I always loved music and I shall try to make so that it was grown fond by those who yet has not made it.
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