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Hobby DJ Davemaximus for music, as well as many known musicians and djs, has begun in the childhood. The first turntable which the hand of the future dj has touched, became “Radiotehnika”. On it(her) it(he) listened to hits “Boney M” and “Modern Talking”. Gradually it(he) created a collection of music on cassette, writing down dancing hits from radio stations, and hardly later – foreign clips and parties which were broadcast by the known German musical channel. But serious professional career dj has begun in 2000. During creative activity DJ Davemaximus played such known clubs of St.-Petersburg as Zet, the Faculty, Mad Wave, Port, was the participant of the largest annual noncommercial Open Air «Copper Lake», and also parties "X-Mode" in 2005. Now DJ Davemaximus is the resident of club AMALGAMA and the constant participant of the largest annual noncommercial Open Air «Copper Lake».

In October, 2006 there was a disk – DJ Davemaximus “Industrial Noise” (Digipack), let out(released) on a label “Macro Vision Records”. It is an alive mix in style “breaks”, written down on one of parties. Release mainly for “special extreme people”, not representing the life without drive and energy.

DJ Davemaximus never follows a fashion - neither in clothes, nor in music, preferring the expressed individuality, hates sample music, very strictly concerns to a choice of a musical material which uses in the mixes. Plays favourite style “breaks” exclusively on vinyl. Quite often mixs with the sets “progressive”, but the basic style remains “breaks”. Distinctive feature and its(his) character sets – DRIVE, combining and a pleasant melody, a positive spirit, and a dynamical broken rhythm.
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