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Behind the deck's for 7 year's now and having played many clubs over the north west and as far as Birmingham, flip g is at the top of the class, taking a mixture of genre's and blending them into one unique, unmistakable sound, from funky house to hard house, from northern bounce to hard bounce, this dj really knows how to read a crowd and always delivers what the dance floor wants.
And with it the crowd stays in suspense, waiting for what's coming next? the next tune, the next trick, they don't want to miss a thing because they know that every time flip g play's, it's like hearing him for that unforgettable, emotional first time!
Flip g has a style of his own which is incomparable and blow's the roof off any venue he play's, you will hear of the storm and reputation this dj is creating while at the same time setting himself up in what can only be described as a phenomenal career in the music industry.
If your running a night or on the lookout for something special to really get your club/event booming and your dance floor filled, then flip g is the only choice you've got!
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