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Its 1998 and we are in Venezuela, witnessing one of the most magic parties on planet Gaia ever.a Full Solar Eclipse..those who had the luck to witness this once or several times in their lifes, know this is a moment never to forget..

Inspired and forever infected by this amazing Solar Eclipse party in her own country, Djane Ada knew that this was the music she wanted to dedicate her life to. From 1999 on she has unstoppably put all her energy in trying to build up the goa/psychedelic trance scene in Venezuela, together with her friends. Since then her name has been shooting up like a rising star in her own country. Organizing parties allover, from the suburbs of Caracas, to allover the countryside and on the magic beaches of the Caribbean, has gotten her a solid position in the scene in her own country. Her and this inspired group of friends have managed to promote psytrance on the usual parties and festivals, art exhibitions/expositions, and even special events such as an extreme sports event & a parachute show. Next to that she has been active as a producer also, working on the project Nostromus, together with her ex-partner Dj Blade., in other words this woman is a very active contributing member of psytrance scene.

Her dj-sets characterize themselves as a powerful adventurous mystical story, a long journey through mind-altering psychedelic soundscapes. Anything from deep psychedelic night sounds till the most energetic morning sounds are mixed together powerfully and smoothly by this djane. Her main aim is to touch the soul of her audience, to hypnotize and guide people through a healing & transforming journey, deep and tribal, in touch with our roots as cosmic beings on earth, all dancing to the same beat on mother earth.

Thelast 3 years Ada hd play over Europe mostly Holland, Germany and Austria.

For possible booking & information please contact:
E-mail: [url][/url]
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