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International dj Chang Bang began his career in the USA over two decades ago. He held the longest residency of any dj at the famous Gainesville nite club, Simons! Chang Bang djed with artists like Laurent Garnier, Felix Da Housecat, Deep Dish, Green Velvet, Richie Hawtin, John Aquaviva, Mark Farina, John Digweed, and Danny Tenaglia. However, lets not focus too far in the past.

He has never constituted to one sound. He encompasses a plethora of music. Born in Manhattan, NY. Raised in NY and Miami, FL. He has sought out such diverse obscure sounds that he excites and entices his fans with the unknown and unexpected.

Chang Bang has played at Sundance Film Festivals. He has been a dj for New Line Cinema and Miramax. He spun at celebrity parties with guests such as Angelina Jolie, and Samuel L Jackson.

Chang's free spirit has not only led him to travel playing throughout the world. His free spirit has enabled him to go beyond music adventuring to collaborate music and film. That is how he became a pioneer dvj! San Francisco is where he had his first T.V. show, House Nation, a show interviewing various artists and discussions on the artists videos and music.

His ventures have surpassed the borders of the USA.
Chang Bangs talents brought him to Bahrain, Austria, Lebanon, Poland, and the famous Cocoon Club in Frankfurt, Germany.

Chang Bang returned to the States to help produce dvj music video projects with Lifervisions. He has played at events such as Disturbing the Peace where he was interviewed by HBO. He helped to produce The Connext Project sponsored by MTV.

You can listen to him on Digital Vinyl Radio hosted in Athens, Greece weekly on

Charity is where his heart is like his involvement with Project Ahimsa, a charity that spreads musical instruments to underprivileged youth around the globe. He was 2011-2012's Mr. X for The Red Bull Music Academy in West Florida, and a co-founder of the Street Music Workshop at The Moses House in Sulphur Springs, Fl.

He's also done several tracks which can found on Erotic City, Care Recordings, and Swanky Records too name a few.

PLAYDATES in 2016!
Monthly every Thursday at The Bends called Analogue a vinyl/records with special guests (St. Petersburg, Fl.)
for detailed info go to:

1997 - dj Chang - "the Yellow Sun" (12") - Swanky Records
1997 - Tofu Joint (Jask & Chang) - "Music Takes Me High" - Erotic City Comm.
2003 - Amit Shoham & Chang - "Island Dreams" - Care Recordings
2007 - Chang - "Long Nights" - unreleased
2008 - La Misma - "Ay Papi (Mofongo Boys/Russel Vargas & Chang rmx.) - Trespeso Music/unreleased
2009 - Meena - "Krishna Kanaya (RMX.)" - Global Lingo/Project Ahimsa Music

2007 - Lifervision Music Video Compilation (dvj mix)
2007 - Retina Scratch Volumes 1-7 (limited promo only)
2007 - Music Videos (edited and produced music videos)
1. grumptronix - "a quiet place"
2. bob skies - "clutch mother"
3. chang - "long nights"
4. dirty decibels - "sounds are tools (kabuto & koji rmx.)"
5. bob skies - "my pallid presence"
6. kabuto & koji - "e signal"
7. grumptronix - "black orchid"
8. freaky chakra - "electro scan"
9. tekes - "krunk"
10. bob skies - "i want you to want me"
11. bob skies - "labor dub"
12. freaky chakra - "sincere"
13. freaky chakra - "time is an ocean"
14. freaky chakra - "get up get it"
15. bob skies - "through a cloudy window"

Web Radio Shows:
Connections on Digital Vinyl Radio!

My quote of the moment:
The greatest asset we have as a people is ourselves, when all material assets have lost value it will be the people working for the greater good that will uplift the world out of depression! Gold only has value as long as people believe it does, so any measurement of value is defined by the amount of belief in the masses of consumers that we represent. Because a system of measurement is gone, does that mean the carpenter with tools cannot work? If inches vanished could the job not be done? The carpenter is there with tools and wood, can he not still build the house? This is the same dilema we face coming for the human race..
Carlitos Corcho

Chang Bang Blog

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To visit my official blog please direct yourself here: CHANG BANG BLOG
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