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POSTED ON: 03/19/18 02:07:17

#1 all the time they feeling me yal...thanks for the love and download v5 in third rite now once and continue to support your boy once again thanks for the love


POSTED ON: 03/07/18 03:24:18

IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! new mixtape get your free download now!!!

NEW!!! Mixtape

POSTED ON: 12/22/17 22:35:41

With in one week time I willl be releasing my new mixtape belive me this shit is 🔥 if you don't have my other two volumes download em quick cuz im bringing em down...and again thanks for your support

NEW!!! Mixtape

POSTED ON: 11/27/17 01:25:06

NEW!! mixtape coming soon make sure u be the first to download it. This shit gonna be crazy fire belive me but for now enjoy the 2 mixtapes i uploaded and thanks for your support
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