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DJ Syonide is an Electro, Progressive House & Trance DJ & Mash Up Artist, 40 years old, born 3rd August 1977, London. I've been into music since when I can remember, my interest started from a young age when my parents used to play Motown music, I went through the normal life changes of music, Hip Hop, Heavy Metal, Rock, Pop but found my love and passion in Dance. In my early teens, 1988/9 I was into Hardcore, Shut Up and Dance, XL Recordings days, and being as I grew up in London, I was particularly attracted to the evolution of Hardcore to Drum n Bass and spent most of my youth in and around that scene. I spent my clubbing time in places Metalheaz (Hoxton Square & Joonglers Comedy Club, Camden), One Nation's, Roast's, Innovation's. Today's Dance and the evolution of House music caught my attention in 2012/13, and I then decided to focus on refining my DJ skills and working on the production of Electro, Progressive and Trance Mashups. As well as producing my monthly Poison DJ Sets. I gathered a very decent following on Soundcloud until late 2016 when they removed my account for "copyright" issues on my DJ Mix Sets, since then they have changed their policy regarding this, which meant I was able to return to the platform in 2018, hopefully for good!
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