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Short Bio
Dmytro Kutsyi Aka Dj Night Style Exotic from city Sokal, Ukraine
Based in San Vincenzo, Italy
Disc Jockey 2007
Remixer 2010
Label 2015
Internet Radio 2015
Full Bio
Dmytro Kutsyi began his career in 2007 with DJ in his school in Sokal.
Later began to write in the style of famous mixes electro house using this site as beatport on a case and formed the famous podcast for itunes store.
In this case ran into account as a personal branding nickname.
With a taste of his own lives to the heart had to Night so as I continue to enjoy life Style since all people should be tasteful and at the end of Exotic as it provides peppercorn in our lives.
In future, I decided to pick up DJ console as disc jockey career postponed for several years and was engaged in purely mixes and podcasts sometimes bootleg.
Later i decided to based in San Vincenzo.
A now Night Style Exotic began to show itself in the creation of music as such and release on their own label with the very nickname producer which uses far beyond the title went.
Once Again,Move Together,Look To The Sky,Party Shaker,Vira Nadiya Liubov,Give Me Your Love,Jump,UMF,Duh Duh Ding,Fiesta
Night Style Exotic - Label and Vinyl Record - Electro House / send me your demo : nights​tyleex​otic@d​jmail.​net
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