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Pretty Lady

POSTED ON: 11/29/13 07:23:51

I have been strolling down the dusty highway, Every second that passed, life opted to diminish, Lest I forget to mention, I had to be on my way, For I had much in mind to accomplish. Forgive my oddly inappropiate manners, Somehow, someway, somewhat, it’s me, I will simply get straight to the point, I may ponder a little, just to wander not. I will risk no second to waver in thought, I owe it to luck that we are in the same pot, And even if not, I strongly feel it just ought, For there is no place as distinctive as this spot. To appreciate you I will, I promise not to miss, I have been waiting for such a moment, dear miss, I cannot blunder not to mention, it was a lifetime wait, And now that the moment is nigh…I won’t flip, trip or wait. I can see the wind has no shame whatsoever, For it throws around, anyhow, a beauty, A golden and ingenious work of God, I would however give anything whatsoever. I will have nothing distract me, not the tire screeches, I am gonna hold on, in your eyes to read all the speeches, Lend me a second, tarry a little, let me get my lines right, Pardon me should I break the rhyme, blame it on your gait. I will strive to make it momentary, and therefore: I promise to say nothing I have uttered before, I commit to give you a sensation like never before, For I have never chanced such pricelessness and gorgeousness before.

Look here school girls

POSTED ON: 11/29/13 07:22:01

Wow…alright let me try that again, For if I lose a step, I will have none to gain. If I choose the wrong words, I will have me to blame, Cz perhaps, I aint so good at the so called “game.” You have definitely been my friend, And so I have enjoyed the beautiful trend, But, there is something I would love to reveal. I know it might hurt, but I am just being real. You have crushed onto me like a raging storm, Well, that would be obvious, for it’s the norm, I would love to praise myself for meticulous charm, But I hold that back and ponder upon the oncoming harm. I have definitely been around, you can call me a dream man, I have been so kind, you can call me tha angel you never had, I have been slightly romantic, in words, to avoid being too hard, But that is just how to treat a lady, and grace to earn. I know of the road, I have been on it, almost daily, I have hit it a million times over, and I hold it dearly. I would love to say, it has been a smooth ride, But, there is something I forgot to tell, and that was rude. You are just too young, I think, I say this gently with a wink, For I really need it to sink, Even though it may certainly stink. I got a beautiful girl, I have loved her for years, I would love to say, if I were to die, the reason would be hers, I would love to get your attention one more time, open your ears, I cannot love you, painful it may be, but I am only hers.
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